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What impact will a broken car balance lever have on the car?

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Cause four-wheel positioning misalignment: do four-wheel positioning at this time.

The following is the impact of car balance rod damage on the car:

1. Cause four-wheel positioning misalignment: four-wheel positioning should be done at this time.

2. Cause the tire patterns on both sides to be different or the pattern is not the same as the depth and the height: It is best to use the same type of tire for the whole car, at least the two tires on the front and rear axles must be the same, and the pattern depth must be the same, If the wear limit is exceeded, it must be replaced.

3. Cause unequal tire pressures on both sides: Unequal tire pressures will make the tires different in size, and they will inevitably deviate when rolling.

4. Cause the front shock absorber to fail: After the front shock absorber fails, the two suspensions, one high and the other low, will cause uneven force and cause deviation.